Problemas con el ajuste de recompensas por los achievements

Notapor NANI » 05 Jul 2012 23:30

En Robbie Williams Fun Poker ya han ordenado/ajustado el error que hubo con las recompensas de los achievements. Han descontado de las cuenta las chips que se habian ganado erroneamente. Si tienes la sensación de que no han ajustado las chips de tu cuenta correctamente recomiendan ponerse en contacto con support para que revisen tu cuenta de una forma individual.

Heads up community!

You all know about our problems with the adjustment of the rewards for achievements:
The new rewards were overpriced due to an error in the settings. Accidentally they were set to be a hundred times higher than intended only because we got cents and chips mixed up. We sorted all these problems out.

... Now there was only one thing left to do for us: taking the chips we falsely credited to your accounts out of the game again!

That is why we now deducted the exact same amount of chips from every single one of the user accounts that they were mistakenly filled up with. Just as a regular bank would do. This deduction is based on computerised counting and therefore it is fully accurate. But none the less: If you still have the feeling, your account was treated incorrectly send a support request to our staff and they will check your account individually and give you the exact numbers.

We are very sorry that a lot of you guys were affected by this so drastically, but to sort this out there was no other way than doing it in a manner fair to ALL players. We are sure none of you would like to play a game which gives advantages to some whilst others are cut out, would you?

The amount of chips we took off the accounts is only the amount that was given out due to the overpriced rewards for achievements. Please be assured that NO WINNINGS WERE TAKEN AWAY! If the missing amount appears to be very high now this is of course due to the fact that the rewards were a 100 TIMES TO HIGH. Thus, for example, 5 successful invitations were rewarded with 1.000.000 chips, although this should have been rewarded with only 10.000 chips.
It is clear to us that this is a very high difference in the amounts and that's why this deduction now feels so massive for some of you.

We really hope that all of you can understand eventually that this is just the necessary readjustment we had to make in order to fulfill our responsibilities to the community, to all of you ... !!!
THX a million for your help, your patience and your understanding!
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